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Let's Tell Your Story!

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Branding isn't just slapping your logo on everything. It's personality, culture, reputation; it's how you respond to your customers. It is even how your online ordering system or application system works. Brands can be damaged by the wrong tweet or a bad customer service experience. When training new staff, branding should be a part of their education. Is there a staff uniform or designated style of dress? Phone etiquette? Expected e-mail response time? Building your business is really about  building relationships--with your customers, your suppliers and your staff. Make the impression you want to make.

Getting your branding right is imperative.

  • Branding/Re-branding

  • Defining Your Brand Identity

  • Logo Creation

  • Branding Review

Strategy & Design

Let's identify your target market, your competitive advantage, or your next media campaign. Let's look at your current process and find ways to improve it to make your staff's job easier to provide effective customer service. Let's review your current marketing plan and update it to keep your competitive edge.


  • Marketing plans

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Target Audience

  • Assessment of current marketing methods

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Web

  • Social Media

  • Brochures/Flyers/Posters/Postcards

  • Recruitment

  • Sales

  • Study Abroad Cycle (Interest, Application, Acceptance/Pre-Departure, In-country and Re-entry) review and planning.

Copywriting & Editing

Let's tell your story and build your reputation. Familiarize people with who you are, your mission, your products. Your presence, joie de vive, je n'ais se quoi should be evident in your website, your social media posts, your brochures, etc. Doing business in the 21st Century is very personal. You need to build relationships with your presence, your printed words, your imagery, your customer service. Let's create interest with your business card, your website, your brochure, your uniform, and your reputation. 

  • Blog Management

  • Content writing & CMS (Content Management Systems)

  • Direct Mail, E-mail and SMS Text

  • Print Advertising

  • Annual Reports

  • Presentations

Project Work

There aren't enough hours in the day, right? You're probably also trying to do more with less--less money, less staff, less resources. Wouldn't it be great to have less stress, more quality time with clients and be proactive rather than reactive? During my days in the office, I used to spend my time 'putting out fires,' or really just dousing them, because they would flare up again when a different client had a similar problem. If only you could hire an experienced, qualified professional temporarily to complete the project that could focus on resolving that issue. Update your crisis plan, or evaluate your application process and simplify it for your clients. Produce a direct mailing piece for fundraising. Let's start ticking off the projects on your wish list!

  • Crisis/Emergency Planning

  • Program Creation/Management

  • Office Process Review

  • CRM Assessment

  • Your Project Here

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