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Bard Abroad

Bard College
Annandale, NY

Small study abroad office with unique study abroad program locations.


There was no central marketing director.  Each program had a manager who did the marketing and promotions for their program only.  One large direct mail campaign each fall sent tens of thousands of print pieces to a large, out of date mailing list.

Five study abroad programs each had 3 websites.  Information was out of date, inconsistent and hard to find. No clear way to apply for programs. 

No consistent branding.  Each program had different logos.

From the Horse's Mouth:

  • Reduced marketing budget by nearly 50% while increasing engagement with target audiences

  • Create Bard Abroad brand and logo aligned with Bard College marketing efforts

  • Create one central website for all study abroad programs, for both Bard and non-Bard students

  • Curate and update direct marketing mailing list. Target only schools which would send students on Bard programs

  • Reduced brochure size, simplified language, added more photos

  • Advised on application process structure and CRM

Team Collaborators:

Penny Schouten, Horse's Mouth Marketing LLC
Karen Spencer, Graphic Designer
Bard College Publications Office
Juliet Meyers, Bard College Web Services


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