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Academic Solutions

Your Study Abroad Partner: Empower. Support. Inspire.
UK, Spain and Slovenia

Study abroad program provider


Ryan Lorenz was already well-established as an individual who provided study abroad programs and services to US colleges and universities in Africa, the UK, Spain and Slovenia. His goal was to grow the business and create a brand.

From the Horse's Mouth:

  • Wrote marketing plan

  • Created logo and tagline

  • Organized website structure & suggested homepage layout/elements

  • Recommended student storytelling

  • Wrote web content

  • Wrote print advertisements

  • Successful direct mail postcard campaign to build awareness and drive traffic to exhibit booth at international conference

  • Created flyers

  • Created exhibit booth for conferences


  • Logo & Tagline: The name of the company didn't imply study abroad. Ryan didn't want the clichéd symbols for study abroad like globes, books or flags. The target audience was study abroad administrators and staff, not students. Pegasus was chosen for the logo because the Greek mythological creature guards and carries the spirit on its journeys.  The goal of the company was to empower, support and inspire study abroad staff.

  • Website: There are three photos on the homepage, each epitomizing one of the words in the tagline and depicting a relevant image from each of the countries in which Academic Solutions operates.

  • Postcard campaign: A series of collectible postcards were designed to build awareness and drive traffic to the Academic Solutions exhibitor booth at NAFSA 2008.

Project Team:

Ryan Lorenz, Director

Penny Schouten, Horse's Mouth Marketing LLC
Rebecca Driessen, Driessen Design

Denis Šenkinc, Website Programmer

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